Do you have a plan
when the unplanned

When disaster strikes:

How many data transactions can you afford to lose?
How soon can you begin servicing your customers?
Where is your Emergency Operations Center?
How do you contact your employees, recovery
suppliers, customers?


Flood, Fire, Explosion, Bombings, Riots, Terrorist Attacks,
Cyber Attack…Is your company prepared for these?

Disaster can happen at any time. Do you have a plan
in place if that happened to you?

Most businesses don’t. If you’re unprepared, you could be out of business.
Most businesses have insurance, but compensations could take months
to materialize and it still cannot help you resume your operations.
How much business will you lose while you are trying to figure out
how to pick up the pieces

What would happen to your company if you face a

Information technology is becoming more and more infringed in the business
processes of all companies. Lost production,invoices not going out, wages
not being paid, suppliers not being paid, orders missed or lost. Losing
access to data can cost you millions. Studies show that 80% of businesses
that suffer a serious disruption and have not planned will cease public
trading within 18 months of the event. A well-planned, well-rehearsed
business recovery plan will provide a timely and effective recovery.