Testing and updating plans.
After getting a business backup plan, we need to know all relevant functions and responsibilities of their own. By training the relevant staff to ensure operational at the time of the incident should be managed and regularly test the plan. At least one year of tests done in various ways; only one part or all business units of an organization such as the IT sector, particularly relating to backing up data, application or any application. This test will make the organization aware of the shortcomings of the traditional business book written and edited.
In addition, the plan should be reviewed and updated all the time due to factors both within and outside of the organization results in the need to modify the backup plan for critical business information. Be burned efficiently.
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Protect the business before is too late.

The various crises that have continued to affect both directly and indirectly, the organization plans to turn to get a security plan to prevent from the problem and increase the level of security to the business. ┬áMetro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited has joined with Singapore's leading consulting firms, the training process of preparing a backup plan to address business problems with enterprise customers. The main thematic focus is as follow. The business backup plan, also known as Business Continuity Planning or BCP, is a process of prevention or mitigate any incident that may occur with the organization to have an impact on business operations. The implementation steps that in the appropriate time help organizations to reduce the loss of property. And, that can help businesses to continue as quickly as well. This will result in the image and confidence in conducting business with other organizations.  
Plan before you begin writing the plan.
Before starting up a business plan, the organization must be established a team who will oversee coordination of the implementation of a backup business plan. The executives must be acknowledge and focus. In addition, they must give support and participate in the plan as well. They must foresee and be aware of what Issues that may come up with the organization. Each organization may have been different, then analyze the problem by looking at its impact on our business (Business Impact Analysis - BIA), which may be affected, causing losses in finance, the image of the negative to the organization. Losses in sales and marketing information, etc. when the problems that may occur. We can scale the severity of the problem. And in order to fix the problem before or after it properly, so that any decisions affecting the organization. The damage is so important. It enables the organization to write a backup plan correctly and efficiently.
Determine how to solve the problem.
When organization found the problems that affect the organization, and they may cause damage in the operations. Next step, they have to find method or procedure for dealing with the crisis and see if any parts are affected, how they must be corrected. Also, seek for any help and determining how to go. Then, budget is required and need authority approval. Specified time for the solution resolve and organizational information is requirements. They must be clearly written on the business purpose of a backup plan. It also needs to be determining how to prevent or deal with the assets of the organization whether it is related with equipment or various data.