MSC IPC Innovation Center

e-Business Solution Center was set up to serve a comprehensive infrastructure technology and solution ready for online business that can help customers optimize their core business, better serve their customers and approach a new market at all time.

Additionally, this center is shown as a virtual demonstration center of system and solution integration under the new IT conceptual framework that's so called capacity on demand approach. With this concept, we can allocate IT resource to be used efficiently based on business requirements that results the ability to deploy and integrate business application and process to improve availability and scalability, increase capability to grow and manage change and reduce operating costs across the enterprise and beyond.

In 2005, MSC spent over Bt80 million to renovate its infrastructure by installing 10GB fiber-optic cables and Cisco's latest IP networking technology to improve its professional productivity. It is also an IP communications proof of concept center named an " MSC IPC Innovation Center ".

Physical security
- Card access control
- CCTV monitoring and record to tape
- Alarm and event logging and system monitoring
- Temperature and humidity control
- 24 hours x 7 day security guard
- UPS and power generator system