QlikView reporting done right

INPrinting suite is the most advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling application for QlikView on the market. It lets you create and modify reports quickly, generate and filter them based on updated data and distribute them to whom and when you need.

Leverage the Value of Existing Assets
Create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint report templates to make use of existing skills in your organization and create professional output to distribute as is, in PDF or as an image. Distribute existing QlikView reports in PDF and in image formats to take advantage of the work you’ve already done in QlikView. Import and update user lists by LDAP or from Excel and text files or databases. Import user filters and Section Access information together with users and put them automatically into distribution groups, simplifying user list management and maintenance. Existing QlikView bookmarks can be used as filters in NPrinting.

Schedule QlikView report publication and distribution, data updates, and exports on a one-off or recurring basis
Have you ever dreamed to create reports with data and images from multiple QlikView documents?

Deliver your data in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, or JPG and other image formats and send them as e-mail attachments. Apply filters to your data and to your recipients: give the right information to the right people.


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