IBM Rational software
provides a software development platform that improves the speed, quality, and
predictability of software projects to meet its business requirements, creating a new
application or modifying current usage.
• Prioritize a software development to business advantage.
• Leverage development tools and dynamic teamwork communication.
• Evaluate and manage risks during a development project to superior,
applications and business results.
• Expeditiously develop and modify work process within budget and
Group of Products
•IBM Rational RequisitePro - solution is an easy to use requirements
management tool that lets a software development team easily to capture and
prioritize user's requirements using document-based methods while leveraging
database-enabled capabilities such as requirements traceability and impact of
change analysis. The result is better communication and management of
requirements with the increased likelihood of completing projects on time,
within budget and above expectations.
IBM Rational Software Architect -is a software development and software
modeling tools for UML modeling and Web, JSF, Java, J2EE, Web services,
SOA and portal development.
IBM Rational Functional Tester – is a best-of-breed automated testing tool for
functional and regression testing of Java®, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET®, and
Web-based applications. It also tests applications built using VS.NET Winforms,
J2SE/J2EE, HTML/DHTML, XML, JavaScript, and Java Applets – and uniquely
includes support for the SWT Java library associated with the Eclipse shell.
IBM Rational ClearQuest - allows you to automate and control software
development processes, manage issues throughout the life cycle of your
projects, and facilitate collaboration among all stakeholders across your
enterprise and beyond. It enables you to quickly prioritize and track defects
and change requests and improves insight and predictability with real-time
project status. Through features such automated, it can customize workflow support, comprehensive support for queries with extensive charting and
reporting, and Web interface for easy access from virtually anywhere, Web
interface for easy access from standard Web browsers.
IBM Rational ClearCase - offers reliable, scalable and flexible software asset
based management with complete annotated histories of source code, software
development model, version control, release management and flexible workspace
management. Through parallel development support and automated processes,
you can enable your multiple development teams to create, update or work
independently from the same code base, including a full function to integrate
within leading IDEs with highly secure standard.