Application Integration IBM WebSphere Software is the leading middleware software
platform for e-business on demand, using web technologies to create, operate and
manage e-business application and infrastructure ready for on demand world.
WebSphere Business Process Management – enabled by SOA to streamline
business workflow and operations with more efficiency as well as manage
process and data integration based upon web services
Websphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) - the master metadata
repository for service interaction endpoint descriptions by establishing a central
point for finding and managing service metadata acquired from a number of
sources, including service application deployments and other service metadata
and endpoint registries and repositories. It interacts and federates with other
metadata stores that play a role in managing the overall life cycle of a service.
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – a middleware software that support for a variety
of messaging protocols including any JMS provider, WebSphere MQ, TCP/IP, SSL,
HTTP(S), and multicast for optimum flexibility and improved asset reuse.
Websphere Application Server - a tightly integrated development tool and
application server that provides an easily affordable entry point to e-business for
companies creating dynamic Web sites.
WebSphere MQ – a message-orientated middleware that enables you to reliably
and consistently integrate your applications, allowing you to fully leverage your
existing software and hardware assets. It reduces the risk of information loss
and the need to reconcile communicating IT systems by using queuing and
transactional facilities that help preserve the integrity of messages across the