Keeps your business running enterprise-wide, without exception.
If your business needs an enterprise-strength data and application availability solution, it needs ORION High Availability. Vision Solutions' ORION HA for i5/OS® is an exceptionally flexible and scalable high availability and disaster recovery solution designed for the transaction-heavy, multi-system, multi-CPU and clustered i5/OS environments that are typical in large and global organizations. ORION HA delivers an unparalleled level of System i availability to provide peace of mind for both you and your company's executives.
  How can ORION HA add value to your enterprise?

Big companies do big business using complex IT environments. As little as one hour's worth of downtime can cost millions of dollars. ORION HA's complete, high-volume data and object replication and its rapid failover and switchover capabilities puts an end to most downtime. Think how much that's going to add to your company's bottom line.

• Eliminate most downtime costs.
• Scale high availability operations across even the largest, most demanding environments by employing a high throughput, high performance solution.
• Reduce administration costs with an easy to use and administer solution that includes considerable autonomics for self-administration.
• Protect the accuracy of your critical data with multi-layered integrity checking and correcting.
• Ensure a worry-free high availability environment with 24x7 enterprise-class customer care and an extensive network of certified local implementation partners.
ORION™ Professional replicates data and objects using either remote or local journaling to provide an industrial-strength, full-featured high availability and disaster recovery solution for medium size businesses.
ORION Enterprise assures high availability for the largest and most sophisticated of environments. It delivers all of the features and benefits of ORION Professional, but adds support for advanced technologies, such as MQ Series, three-tiered applications and clustering. It also enables flexible replication topologies, such as one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many.
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