extends its innovative abilities as a hybrid data server and cost savings of deep
compression to enable rapid use of data, staying ahead of threats, and extracting the full
value of XML data in operational processes. IBM DB2 provides cost effective management
of both relational data and pure XML data in a single data server - to provide you with all of the
business information you need to solve challenging new problems.
IBM Content Manager for Multiplatforms
is a leading content management solution that provides enterprise report management and
electronic statement presentment. Users can view electronic statements and reports and
transform report data into multiple formats to fully integrate and leverage information across
their organization and beyond.
IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Edition
delivers all of the capabilities needed to cost effectively consolidate, manage, deliver and
analyze your business information by simplifying enterprise data warehouse development
and streamlining business intelligence processes. Besides, a multidimensional analysis
server enables OLAP applications to access up to a terabyte of base OLAP data without
requiring multiple copies.
IBM FileNet Content Manager
combines powerful document management with ready-to-use workflow and process
capabilities to automate and drive your content-related tasks and activities. It maintains
secure control over metadata, process and compliance activities while managing highly
customized, transactional content delivered to the right place at the right time.