Present - 2011 Customer-Centric

With the Customer-Centric Concept, the company remains our strong intention to seek new approaches to meet customer needs while offering various products and services to keep up with the mentioned IT industry trend. We carefully select services for our customers to run their business effectively and uninterruptedly even in the normal circumstance or moment of crisis. Besides, we pursue the business partner to offer the comprehensive solution according to our customers needs and continue to develop and combines the capabilities of our suppliers, partners, and innovation technology to meet the demand, successful and also add value to our customers.
2010 - 2005 Integration Innovation

Metro Systems continues to grow steadily with current registered capital of over 360 million baht. We are now being trusted by world class leading It company such as IBM, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, Hyperion, Canon, Epson and Imation to deliver their comprehensive products.

We decided to reform a data center which currently an innovation data center on demand, by implementing IBM Blade Server, versatile data storage system, Cisco's network and IP technology infrastructure, system monitoring and security software, environmental control and etc.

A demonstration center of Cisco's IP unified communication and network that's so-called 'Business Communication Center', IBM Envisioning Center as a middleware showcase as well as Business Partner Innovation Center have recently established to help organizations integrate technology to deliver a remarkable return in every step of IT investments.

Virtualization technology has chosen to invest in our data center. For increasing IT infrastructure efficiency and makes IT cost more manageable and also help to reduce costs in terms of equipment, staff and also save energy.
2004 - 2001 Growth thru Transformation

Metro Systems has fine-tuned the entire operation to establish a benchmark in allowing it to become the first IT company certified with the ISO 9001:2000 for every procedure from sales to marketing, business operation, finance & administration and logistics.

To strengthen with more efficiency, Metro Systems has been categorized its main business into 4 major groups namely Enterprise Systems Group, Solutions Integration Group, Office Supplies Group and Network Solutions Group.

Advanced IT demonstration centers have been set up as a Proof of Concept Center to envision our customers a technological perception by proto-typing and scenario testing, including Data Center, IBM Total Storage Solution Center, Business Decision Support Center, Business Productivity Center, and Business Continuity.

Bangkok Advanced Learning (BAL) has officially set up as a training & certification center for the world renowned IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Trend Micro, Prometic and VUE, etc.

Metro Systems has always encouraged our employees both sales and support to be certified in their area of expertise to deliver excellent services to our customers.
2000 - 1997 Fine-tuning for Survivor

The financial crisis in 1997 had inversely returned a great opportunity for reconsideration. Metro Systems decided to reconstruct business operation process more efficiently, administrate greater financial management, redeploy human resources, and invest more advanced computerized system and e-Infrastructure within the data center to command the edge of in the Internet era.
Metro Systems became the first IT corporate in Thailand to form a Y2K team faced with computer errors caused by the turn of the new millennium.
1996 - 1993 Growth thru Innovation

In 1995, Metro Systems had raised the registered capital to 180 million baht with the excelled to the status of public company. The new headquarters "Metro Campus" with a massive investment worth over 500 million baht is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies which become a technological blueprint that enable advanced IT utilization and accommodate future expansion.
1992 - 1989 Leadership

Metro Systems is determined to become an IT total solution provider through excellent performance in every aspect from building quality human resources specialized in technology.

We established subsidiary and affiliated companies to strong integrated business expansion for both hardware and software for leading enterprise, retail business, financial institutions, hospitality business, manufacturing, etc. as well as developed in-house software applications, customer service and training center.
 1988-1985 Establishment

Metro Systems Corporation emerged in the world of IT as computer administrator for Metro Co., Ltd. (Sri Krung Watana) and became the first user of IBM System/38 in Asia. With the expertise and experience in the field of IT, the company was appointed as an authorized system remarketer of IBM Mini System, PC, POS, electric typewriter and computer cabling system& installation.

Metro Systems was officially founded on January 6, 1986 with registered capital of 4 million baht and become the IBM's first business partner in Southeast Asia to provide fully integrated IT solutions & services.