CSR Policy

 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

      The Company maintains strong faith in business operations on the basis of good corporate governance, business ethics, and participation in social development. The Company realizes the importance of the shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, society and the community. Therefore, to operate business in a sustainable way and maintain a role in social responsibility, the Company has determined policy on social responsibility as follows:

      1. The Company shall operate the business under the principles of good corporate governance

and implement transparent systems, fairness, justice, and efficiency which can be verified. The Company will not receive any benefits from unlawful operations, including the violation of intellectual property.

      2. The Company will treat business partners and creditors with fairness

by giving them equal opportunity for business contact, and honesty in business partnerships.

      3. The Company will oppose any corruption and operate the business in accordance with good corporate governance principles and business ethics.

The Company has concern about corruption from both within and outside. The Company has determined an anti-corruption policy in a separate chapter, which was approved at the Board of Directors’ Meeting no.2/2015 on 24 February, 2015. In this matter, employees at all levels shall play a role in overseeing any acts of corruption and denying any such acts.

      4. The Company shall treat the employees in a fair and respectful manner. .

The Company will support all employees to have a good life quality, an opportunity to show their ability and a chance to develop working skills as deemed appropriate.

       5. The Company will take care of the environment and foster knowledge among employees to efficiently use resources and save energy.

The Company will support any activities regarding the development of the environment and the conservation of energy.

       6. The Company will encourage and support community & society development activities.

The Company realizes the importance of education as a significant foundation in living. The society and community must stand together with business operations. Therefore, the Company has a policy to support any activities and projects related to education. The Company will give opportunities to students from many education institutes to learn about the in-house IT system. The Company has a program to admit students for on-the-job-training. Students who pass the training will receive a certificate and they will be employed by the Company immediately. The Company will provide support in terms of education media to schools in remote areas which lack the facilities.