Metro Systems offers a comprehensive business communication solution based on Cisco technology which provides a unified structure that helps organization securely integrate their communications more closely to business processes. Unified Communications solution allows business enterprises to integrate data, voice and video on a single secure network that can collaborate more effectively in real time on a variety of wired or wireless devices. These applications will support video conferencing, voice & web conferencing, mobile IP soft phones, voice mail and more.
Extend the employee's workspace and communications to enhance business productivity from everywhere.
  Dramatically improve collaboration by sharing information via voice, video, or web conferencing.
  Streamline business processes, reach the right resource and enhance profitability.
  Maximize call-center performance and customer satisfaction through application integration.
Our Solution
Rich Media Conferencing
    is a powerful tool that your company can use to achieve effective interactive collaboration. You can invite persons to a virtual meeting on short notice, regardless of their geographic location. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is the complete multimedia conferencing solution fully integrates voice, video, and Web conferencing capabilities to give remote meetings a natural and effective, face-to-face quality.
  Contact Center/CallCenter
    is a facility that set up to manage telephone calls from customers. Customer calls are handled by a group of skilled professionals who provide the service required or transfer the call to designated person. Cisco Unified contact Center designed to simplify business integration, ease agent administration, increase agent flexibility, deliver outbound dialing capabilities and more.
  Systems Requirement
    IP Phone is a key component of the Unified Communication Solution that enables your organization to run voice, data, and video communications over a single, converged network to organization of all sizes.
    Cisco routers and switches that form a foundation for an integrated communications system.
    Management Tools including software that actively monitors its solutions to discover potential problems, maintain quality and user satisfaction, and help minimize service downtime.
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