McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention products keep your business up, running, and
secure with industry-leading protection against hackers, malware, and zero-day
exploits of all kinds. While the coverage is comprehensive and the protections
are robust, management is easy via a simplified, centralized, web-based console. 
Symantec Data Loss Prevention software is a comprehensive, content-aware solution
that discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data wherever it is stored or used –
across network, storage and endpoint systems.
Bluecoat > Proxy Secure web gateway appliances for visibility, control and security of
employee internet activity.
Bluecoat > PacketShaper Content-aware visibility and control over your entire network
and applications.

PaloAlto Firewall > Palo Alto Networks has built a next-generation firewall with several
innovative technologies—enabling organizations to fix the firewall. These technologies
bring business-relevant elements (applications, users, and content) under policy
control on a high performance firewall architecture.


Trend Micro Deep Security > Trend Micro Deep Security 8 is a comprehensive,
adaptive, and highly efficient server security platform that protects enterprise
applications and data from breaches and business disruptions without expensive
emergency patching.


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