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Message from the Chairman

The Company has confirmed that the Company will operate transparently, including an adherence to the Code of Conduct recognized by all stakeholders. The Company also remains committed to be responsible for the environment in the inclusion of prosperity of the Company as well contributing to sustainable society.

Sunpitt Sethpornpong




The Company places a great importance to and is aware of its commitment to combating corruption in all its forms. To ensure that the operations of the Company comply with the Corporate Governance Policy and good Business practices, the Company has set up a special anti-corruption policy on 24 February 2015 and communicated to all directors, employees, business partners, customers and all stakeholders this Anti-Corruption Policy…



Metro Systems was evaluated as one of the top 100 ESG listed company in 2017 by Thaipat institute.

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Metro Systems became a certified company of  Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) in 2016.

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AGM Checklist 2019, Metro Systems got 97.50% by Thai Investors Association higher than the average score of the listed companies.

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In 2019 the Company’s CG score was 89% assessed by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD), higher than last year.

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CSR Framework

Corporate Governance

We hold an Annual General Meeting and adherence to Good Corporate Governance Policy compliance with applicable laws, regulations, include the Best Practices for Directors of Listed Companies and the principles for being a good corporate governance company as the SET has guided.


We operate under the Code of Business Ethics by organize the opportunity day every year to clarify information about the business and operations of the company to Investment Analyst, investors, and the media that attend the event. Furthermore, we invite interest parties to visit our Technology Demonstration Centers at our company.


We have recognized the environmental friendly business


We regularly contribute our community and social development by join Children’s Day, donate learning support materials such as commuters, air conditioners, cabinets, stationary and sports equipment etc., donate the old calendar to produce a Braille book. We also share IT knowledge to teachers and students around our community.


We continue improve our workplace environment and provide a full fitness facility for our employee health and well- being.


Corporate Governance

Anti – Corruption


Community and Society Development