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System Engineer (Managed Services)


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer engineering, computer science, information technology or related fields
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in IT infrastructure or related fields
  • Good command of English, and confident to communicate via both emailand call
  • Proficient in planning and designing IT infrastructure
  • Good understanding in overall IT infrastructure (i.e. LAN/WAN, Protocol,Client/Server, etc. )
  • Experiences in system administration tasks, especially for Microsoft Windows Servers (2008/2008 R2/2012/2016) and overall Microsoft Infrastructure
  • Experiences in virtualization technology Good troubleshooting and analytic problem-solving skills
  • Basic understanding in Microsoft cloud concepts, services and functionalities
  • Able to analyze and fix issues regarding IT infrastructures, especially Microsoft technologies
  • Experienced in leading IT infrastructure projects
  • Good interpersonal communication, high responsibility, enthusiastic to explore new technologies
  • Good understanding of ITSM, ITIL and related concepts
  • Flexible in working locations and time
  • Ability to work together with teams from several departments to facilitate the orderly execution of a proposed project plan

Job Description

  • Install, configure and maintain system services including equipment and devices both on-premises and Cloud based
  • Support administration of servers
  • Plan, design and support customer’s computing infrastructure
  • Lead IT infrastructure projects
  • Monitor systems performance, implement performance tuning, and reporting
  • Manage user accounts, permissions, email, anti-virus, anti-spam etc.
  • Manage backup, DR, BCP
  • On-site support by on-site staff, backed up by a team of certified system engineers
  • Second level support by a team of certified system engineers
  • Troubleshooting server problems, Maintaining, Planning server operations
  • General server administration task such as add/delete user, create shared resources, server configuration, etc.
  • Keep patch, fix and service pack on servers updated
  • Backup of server data using existing backup software
  • Coordinate with Vendor and/or product owner in case of hardware failure
  • Update Virus Pattern in anti-virus software

Other Position

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