eServer iSeries(AS/400) Schedule

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  Training Courses Jan – June 2018
Srinakarin Center
RPG Booth Camp @ Pattaya
: September 9-15, 2012

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  Trainig Couse
Online courses for self development

Introduction to iSeries

  Creating Business Report
using IBM DB2 Web Query
Onsite Service
    Training on site is another service
of our training division. The trainings are
designed to facilitate our customers who
what to develop personnel who cannot
travel to our centers.
Youth Creative Programmer (YCP) by MSC
    Training Program for the the student which
aims at building a pull of conscious and to
develop the knowledge for iSeries & AS/400.
This program will put your career and
professional future on the fast track.
For more information click here (detail of YCP by MSC) and application
Web Application Service
    Design and development service of
“Green Screen Application” that is
operating on iService to work under
Wed Application form through internet.
Tel : 0-2089-4929, 0-2089-4129
Fax : 0-2726-2643 , 0-2726-2652
  E-mail :