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3D Printing service

Sales 3D printer and 3D printing services from 3D files by our 3D printers. In the world of design is not just a paper.

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Data and Analytics

Data has become one of the most vital resource of the century. When compare data to oil in not its necessary but its power, most digital enterprise enable data driven capability by store necessary data, visualize and analytic those data to become more competitive advantage from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive then prescriptive intelligent.

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K2 Hands-on Workshop

Date: Apr 23, 2019

Venue: Bangkok Advanced Learning

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Metro Systems core business has been divided into 3 strategic business groups.


Digital Solutions Group

We’re solution provide for a wide range of hardware products for small to large corporate and industrial manufacturers such as midrange computer, personal computer, point of sales, storage, and network for large to small-medium sized computer system.

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Solutions Integration Group

Provides end-to-end services by leveraging professional teams and experts to empower enterprises to transform to digital business.

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Digital Printing Group

Distributes the consumable or office supplies products relating to computer, small-sized printer, camera and projector, etc. through Tele marketing and E-Procurement System development to enhance our customers’ service level by online purchasing order and e-payment

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We are trusted partner of choice in Thailand and recognized as a valued IT partner to our clients, and have plenty of world-class IT hardware and software including our “made to order” solutions that always meet a high level of customer’s satisfaction. We appreciate all our clients for trusting MSC and let us be your “IT Partner of choice” throughout our past 30 years of excellence service and success.


Feedback from our customers


“We are satisfied with Metro Systems’ services. When compares to others, the price is more reasonable, provide faster speed and excellence coordinate-responsive. Very Impressive.”

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“Impressed by the service of Metro Systems for the first time. There provides good after-sales service and support very responsive constantly as always.”

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“Metro Systems is always paying attention to customers. Every year, Metro Systems has come to help update the program regularly. Get notified when new software comes in. They also organize activities for customers to participate in the activities. When problem arises, Metro systems sent their representative to solve the problem for us promptly.”

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