Backup and DR Solution

We provide backup and DR solution that help customers continuity work in the event of a disaster. The plan ensures that personnel and assets are protected and are able to function quickly in the event of a disaster.

Migrating and Modernize Windows Workload to AWS

As your trusted partner in Thailand, we are a capable partner to migrate your Windows workload to AWS, the most popular cloud for Windows Workload. Do you know that customers has been running Windows workload on AWS for over a decade, and AWS runs 2x more Windows Server instances than the next largest, cloud provider, according to an IDC report.



We provide consulting, checking, analyzing, assessing your system’s structure, and designing a solution for you so you can use AWS to its fullest and most efficient capacity.

Professional Service

We provide installation and migration to the Cloud by a team of experienced personnel. Our team will strictly follow the process which has been approved by our customer to make sure the least disruption to your business.

Professional Service “New Service”

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Managed Services

We maintain and monitor our infrastructure and our networks with 24-hour security and internationally-certified personnel to make sure our systems run smoothly and efficiently.