“Digital Infrastructure platform would enable services to run on top of it and would emcompass serveral cloud based infrastructures from Server, Operating Systems, Virtual Machine services, Container services, Docker, Microsoft Vitrual machine services, Storage and data lake services and related softwares. The infrastructure platform sould also be supported by several teams whose scope spams from Microsoft Azure, IBM servers, VMWare Systems, AIX, Linux etc.”

A set of hardware, software, networks used to develop, test, operate, monitor, manage and/or support business application services.


Cisco data center solutions provide technology for big data, cloud services, virtualization, applications, and integrated infrastructure.

Cisco Data Center


Cisco’s networking products and solutions designed for companies of all sizes. Switches, routers, wireless, WAN and security for enterprise and SMB networks.

Software-Defined Access (SDA)

DNA Analytic and Assurance

SD-WAN Solutions

Wireless and Mobility

Merki cloud-managed networking



Hyperconverged infrastructure is all-in-one compute, storage, and networking for flexible scaling.

Private, Hybrid, Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Operating Systems


Microsoft Windows Server

Linux OS (RedHat)

Middleware & Other

IBM WebSphere

IBM Blockchain

Cisco AppDynamics


IBM DB2 Database Server

Oracle Database Server

Microsoft SQL Server