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Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited is committed to creating an excellent workplace for the talent in the national IT business with the commitment of a brand that works excellently in the opportunity to work with leading IT and technology businesses in Thailand, intensive learning and development opportunities, opportunities for career advancement and opportunities for total compensation and a good quality of life that can compete and motivate colleagues.

The company has a clear strategy on building People Excellence in order to build a high performance organization in the growth of the fourth decade of business operations in the IT industry in Thailand. The company has a policy of focusing on attracting, developing, retaining and promoting career progress for colleagues to achieve professional success according to their individual potential which is in line with the corporate philosophy that “The customer’s success is our business”.

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MSC University Networking Project   

The MSC University Networking project is a project that the company aims to cooperate with leading 6 universities in Thailand especially the Department of Engineering, Computer and Computer Science, by providing opportunities for intensive internships in real-life business situations to prepare students before stepping into the IT and digital professions in the labor market and aiming to recruit a new generation of star employees who are committed and motivated to grow and advance in the country’s leading IT business.

At present, this project has supported alliances in 3 areas, such as cooperation in exchanging knowledge in IT and digital business trends, cooperation in internship opportunities and cooperation in providing opportunities for joining the group of MSC business with 6 universities.

Opportunity to work with the MSC Group (Our Career Opportunity)

As the company has been growing steadily for the past three decades, the company provides opportunities for those interested in IT and management to apply to work with business groups. The selection criteria will focus on the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience that are suitable for the job position together with the consideration of the 5 success factors namely leadership, communication, strategic thinking, cooperation with others and professional competence in order to recruit a new generation of colleagues who are full of capabilities and potential to create success for the MSC Group in the 4th decade and to develop an excellent workplace.

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