Total Rewards

The company pays attention to overall compensation management that reflects the performance.  Able to compete and strengthen staff morale as well as paying attention to the well-being, operating in a good environment, health and quality of life of all employees. The company has therefore surveyed the compensation with businesses in the IT industry and leading organizations in Thailand in order to determine monetary and other compensation in the form of contemporary welfare.  Motivate colleagues, compete in the labor market such as medical benefits, performance bonuses, accident and life insurance, provident funds to pay attention to the quality of life of colleagues in various generations.

In addition, the company also has an area in the headquarters to have a fitness center to promote health and recreation with exercise equipment, saunas and swimming pools that meet international standards. There are also yoga and aerobic activities after work to promote good hygiene for employees and meet the contemporary lifestyle.

The Company build a new community for every generation and give them space to create ideas and new solutions to support corporate sustainability.