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Providing End-to-End Services and Solutions to Customers.


Managed Services is the leading IT outsourcing business in Thailand with international standard. We focus on providing the best IT services with internationally-accredited experts along with the continuous development of IT technology to support IT Services such as: Cloud Services, Customer Services System, Network Administrator, MA Services, Rollout Services.

With high dedication and non-stop developing IT service capabilities makes Managed Services (MNS) achieved:

– ISO/IEC 20000 IT Service Management

– ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management

MNS also certified many of its personnel in ITIL, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. to ensure that our staff are ready to assist customers in all areas of IT.

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Cloud Services

o Provide consultations, design, and implementation services related to Microsoft Cloud Solutions. We currently cover Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

o Office 365 is Microsoft’s productivity suite that comprises of, but not limited to, Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync, Yammer, OneDrive, Office Online, Office 365 Pro Plus.

o Microsoft Azure provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for customers. Our team focuses on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services by designing and implementing infrastructure services on Azure. This includes VM creations, Network connectivity, Data Migrations, and Backup & DR.

o Enterprise Mobility + Security or EM+S is a suite of Microsoft security solutions consisting of 3 major products:

o Azure Active Directory Premium (Azure AD Premium) is an offering that includes identity and access management capabilities and is “your directory in the cloud”. You can also centrally manage identities and access, as well as, monitor and protect access to cloud applications by using Azure AD Premium.

o Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile application management and mobile device management tool that helps organizations provide their employees with access to corporate applications, data, and resources from the device of their choice without sacrificing security. This allows employees the flexibility they need, while withholding the standards of security that organizations must maintain.

o Azure Information Protection (AIP) is a cloud-based solution that helps an organization to classify, label, and protect its documents and emails. This can be done automatically by administrators who define rules and conditions, manually by users, or a combination where users are given recommendations.

Outsource Services

o System / Network Administrator – Full-time on-site services for handling incidents, requests, and changes in relation to Systems or Network Infrastructure

o Service Desk – Full-time on-site services for handling client-side incidents and requests by action as a single point of contact for all IT related issues.

o Desktop Support – Full-time on-site services for handline client-side incidents and requests that cannot be resolved or fulfilled by Service Desk.

MA Services

o MA Services – Provide maintenance services to maintain Microsoft products and systems including advice, measurements and adjustments to prevent faults from occurring. As well as handling, Incident and Problem Management by troubleshooting Microsoft products and systems issues, conduct Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to aid customers in running a stable and reliable system. The services also include 24*7 call center services.

Rollout Services

o Rollout Services – Provide services and resources for handling mass IT changes in the organization within a given timeframe. We use Project Management methodologies and best practices to ensure that such changes are carried out with minimal impacts to the business. Samples of services are: Windows Migrations, Mail Migrations, Mass Hardware replacements

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