Digital Solutions Group (DSG)

We’re solution provide for a wide range of hardware products for small to large corporate and industrial manufacturers such as midrange computer, personal computer, point of sales, storage, and network for large to small-medium sized computer system.

Solutions Integration Group (SIG)

Provides end-to-end services by leveraging professional teams and experts to empower enterprises to transform to digital business.The solutions encompass numerous innovative digital technologies to integrate end-to-end solution and services for customers, thus enabling efficient, cost-effective operation and sustainable business growth. The group aims to transform major enterprise business operation by digitalization while delivering the best customer experience, prepare for disruptive eras.

Digital Printing Group (DPG)

Distributes the consumable or office supplies products relating to computer, small-sized printer, camera and projector, etc. through Tele marketing and e- Procurement System development to enhance our customers’ service level by online purchasing order and e-payment via

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