Education Support Department

is a training center for information technology personnel of Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited. established for those who are interested in IBM Power I (iSeries (AS / 400)) training, which will lead all participants to become IT experts with our excellence service for all customer.

RPG Programmer Path

We have training program in RPG language to developing he information technology staffs to become an expert RPG Programmer. Our experience throughout the past period It is a guarantee that all Trained Programmers from us are skilled and knowledgeable that are widely accepted in Thailand.

IBM Training Room-2
IBM Training Room-5

Business Systems Development and Outsourcing Service

– Education Support Department provides Business Systems Development to develop the system on IBM Power I (iSeries (AS / 400)) in a variety of businesses. We able to develop a new system or additional adjustments from existing systems. Therefore, if you want to develop or add existing systems, you can contact the Education Support Department staff for details directly.

– In addition, we also provides Outsourcing Service by send our programmers who expert in RPG Programmer and System Operator in order to perform such duties at your office. Therefore, you will assure and able to control the operation every step of according to your needs.

IBM Training Room-6
IBM Training Room-1
IBM Training Room-3
IBM Training Room-4

If you need more details about the services of Education Support Department, please contact directly from the department’s staff at 0-2089-4929, 0-2089-4331 or E-mail: [email protected]