The MSC Academy Development Institute   


The company is committed to developing the capabilities of colleagues to the fullest and up to date with the challenges of the digital business world to have the capability at the forefront of national IT business. Therefore, the company encourages employees to learn and develop as needed for their specific development by establishing an annual individual development plan and support the enhancement of knowledge, skills and personal qualities to be ready for current needs and in line with future growth goals through a variety of intensive development programs, such as self-learning through digital channels, expert content lectures, coaching operations, coaching and special project assignments.

In addition to individual learning needs, all employees will receive a standardized course development based on the company’s Learning Roadmap that defines the development program for each position and professional level. This ensures that all employees will have the skill sets that meet the standards required by the business and upgrade the individual skills as needed for their development. It also creates success and future growth for employees as well.