Easy Buy Public Company Limited.

EASY BUY obtained a License of Personal Loan Business under Supervision and authorized to conduct the Personal Loan business by providing service;

(1) Revolving loan, serving through Umay+ branches, and
(2) Installment loan, serving through company’s allied vendor shops.

EASY BUY aims to operate the business with honesty and integrity. EASY BUY also set a framework of corporate social responsibility which covered economic, social and environment aspects in order to provide the maximum benefit to society and enhance satisfaction for all stakeholders.

The business needs:

Their business expansion has thrown up challenges such as management of complex systems, number of users, and multiple-device configuration. In addition, a large proportion of employees are on the field ensuring business development activities round-the-clock.

Information security is an inherent requisite in the Wealth management business. It is imperative to have a technology platform wherein the employees can only access information and perform those tasks for which they have the entitlements and authorization. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure secure access to each authorized employee, with proper entitlements, while ensuring uncompromised performance.

Further, there are ever-growing threats of cyber-attacks on the systems that are becoming more virulent and audacious.

What is “AWS WorkSpaces”:

An Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based virtual desktop that can act as a replacement for a traditional desktop. It helps eliminate the complexity in managing inventory, OS versions and patches.  With Amazon WorkSpaces, end-users can access the document, applications and resources they need anywhere, anytime, from any supported device including laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android tablets.

Solution Propose:

EASY Buy have a several immediate reasons to choose Amazon WorkSpaces over a locally-installed VMware Horizon product come to mind immediately because of they have plan to move their system infrastructure to cloud for manage services, particularly the elimination of in-house hardware dedicated to running VDIs. As organizations grow, VDI hardware may need to be scaled it can get old and need replacing or repair, data center disasters can occur and cause downtime and increasingly distributed workforces make managing VDIs difficult for IT teams.

Specification on AWS Cloud

– WorkSpaces (VDI) for 1000 users with Standard Spec provide vCPU 2 Core, Ram 4 GB volume 1000 GB for 1000 instants 22 subnets. (Every BU)
– AD (Connector)
– NAT Gateway
– Transit Gateway
– Direct Connect
– Virtual Private Cloud
– Subnet (private, public)
– Route 53 Resolver
– CloudTrail & CloudWatch
– S3
– WorkDocs


  1. Allow workers to decide the devices of their choice and gain instant access to the firm’s information for their business needs. The platform additionally guarantees WorkSpaces security.
  2. Able to gain instant access to confidential data and applications of their choice. Reduction in wait time or delays has inversely led to improved productivity.
  3. The solution of infrastructure optimization does not demand VDI solutions on premises, which in turn significantly curbed capital expenditure. With minimum infrastructure, operations were
  4. Improved with enhanced controls and security protocols.
  5. Pay-as-you-go and Fixed pricing models also reduce workload infrastructure on-premise.