UFM Food Center

UFM Food Center Company Limited was established in 1984 as a subsidiary of United Flour Mill Public Company Limited, the first and largest wheat flour producer in Thailand. They have Marketing goals to promote and develop the utilization of wheat flour and downstream products to spread to users in the food and bakery industry in various forms.

In addition, the company has continuity established various business units. To supervise and be responsible for specific tasks in accordance with the goals, such as the “UFM Baking and Cooking School”, which focuses on educating food and pastries.

“UFM Bakery House”, a form of bakery shop front for selling bakery products that are produced by the production department and uses a formula that has been formulated by the research and development department from using The Company’s main raw material.

UFM Baking and Food School was established to create and develop people in the bakery and food industry. It is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33/1 and is regarded as one of the schools that offer various courses with modern equipment and teachers who closely supervise and transfer knowledge to students.

Website:  www.ufmeducation.com
Facebook: UFM Baking & Cooking School
Line: UFM Baking & Cooking School

The business needs:

Previously, UFM Food provide the classroom which PC for each student to learn cooking from the application in their workstations. They have many inhouse applications and video conferences that frequency modify and refresh for new foods menus, customize formulas, etc. Since COVID-19 come in early 2020, they faced the challenge of students to come to study in their physical classroom. Therefore, they are looking for an efficient online training system. The UFM Education Center associated with students, instructors, and staff by using AWS WorkSpaces. Users can access their AWS WorkSpaces from anywhere with Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Fire tablets, Android tablets, Chrome and Firefox web browsers. The training can go on event the city lock down situation during COVID-19, and they would like to expand their clients who want to learn but not convenience to study in their physical class room.

Solution provides:

MSC come with AWS WorkSpaces solution. It is simplifies access to educational resources by giving students a desktop ready for their learning needs. Their applications are available on virtual desktop and access from anywhere, regardless of IT hardware or device. Instructors and teachers can use the tools and software and update their new menus, new formulas and videos for their classrooms. One way to safeguard their operations and ensure data security is to use a ‘Desktop-as-a-Service’ solution. On premised we use e-learning s/w install in all PCs in the class including video streaming that very difficult to maintain since always updated. On AWS WorkSpaces solution we still can use e-learning s/w on cloud without gap. It’s make training center more convenient to support. Now everyone happy to go to online training.


  1. Better management of infrastructure for optimal resource utilization and better application performance.
  2. Users can work from anywhere and the company’s data still stays on company systems. It’s make customer very convenient not to go to training center. Instead of decrease of users. It’s increase by 200%.
  3. Saved cost in IT hardware and management costs. Save space, instead of 10 customers per classroom. The training room did not have limit to expand. It’s increase by 50%.
  4. Time saving to access their system application from internet, Because of users no need to login via VPN Client to their system as before.
  5. Training center can add more menus, modifies formula and store more videos on cloud for class. Everyone on use videos playback for class that they missing too.