Case Study – AWS Cloud Computing for Education

Mahidol University

Mahidol University had continued to progress in all aspects to stay relevant and conform to the rapidly changing world and society. The significant role of the university is to produce quality graduates, who are knowledgeable in their chosen fields and mindful of morality, to serve as human capital for the country’s current development. Moreover, the university has vouched for academic development, research support for innovations, improvements of university’s physical systems and environment as an eco-university as well as internationalization. All strategies are aligned with Mahidol University’s aspiration towards a world class university. The university’s current milestone is being ranked as the top university in the region and No.1 in Thailand. Mahidol University is recognized as a large higher education institution comprising of academicians and professionals in every field, both in arts and sciences. Therefore, the current university administration has set our target to maintain our status as the leading university in the country and the region. We are aspired to be the source of knowledge for the benefits of society and country as Mahidol University’s slogan “Wisdom of the Land”.

The business needs:

The Faculty of Medicine at Mahidol University has a requirement for students to perform labs based on the content they have studied. The instructors want the students to have the ability to do labs anytime and anywhere the students need them. Therefore, the instructors view using AWS Cloud as a response to the medical students’ need to conduct labs.

Solution Propose:

Mahidol University want to get to the scientific results quickly and don’t want to wait for the institution. For example, if they receive funding through a grant, they are electing to purchase cloud compute and storage and pay for it with the grant funding to accelerate time to science. With the cloud, they can get access to world -class technology (high -performance computing, support large data sets) and only pay for usage. AWS can provide access to common public data sets and enable them to store the research.


have a several immediate reasons to choose AWS S3,Amazon RDS, AWS DMS, AWS Glue, Lambda, Amazon Atthena, Amazon QuickSight.


  1. Allow students and researchers to decide to use the services they have learned in the classroom for testing and obtaining results from their studies and research.
  2. Able to access data and applications of their choice instantly and reduce waiting time or delays, resulting in improved outcomes.
  3. Pay-as-you-go, paying based on actual usage, helps reduce expenses.