Actifio Copy Data Storage Products
A complete storage system, purpose-built for copy data.
  Actifio is radically simple copy data management.
Copy Data Storage is a new class of storage uniquely designed to address the requirements of the copy data explosion. Whether used for backup and disaster recovery, dev / test data management, or other use cases, our copy data storage platform lets organizations access anything instantly, for dramatically less than they're paying today. Actifio virtualizes data management to deliver a solution that decouples the management of data from storage, network and server infrastructure. It is software defined, application centric, and SLA driven. By virtualizing copy data, creating a single "gold copy" available for instant access and recovery, Actifio dramatically improves service levels while eliminating the need for separate tools.
  Our software is driven by an SLA-based interface model that automatically discovers applications, applies SLAs, and manages data throughout its lifecycle.  The software license is fully-functional and it applies to all application and host types, supporting all replication types, without need for additional a la carte licenses
Actifio's software runs on a purpose built appliance that consists of dual-storage nodes, with battery-backed cache, a fibre-channel switch, and a disk controller.  The appliance can leverage Actifio storage or any third-party FC-attached storage on Actifio's interoperability matrix.
  Protect Applications Simply
Once deployed in your environment, Actifio will auto-discover applications, virtual machines, hosts, etc. To protect an application, simply select it from a list in the Actifio Application Manager, bind your desired SLA, and click protect. It's that simple.
  Create SLAs Easily
Creating SLAs with Actifio is as easy as binding them to applications. Just name the SLA in the fully integrated SLA Architect, set the snapshot frequency, set the backup frequency, and set the replication policy. Save the settings, and you're ready to go.
  Access Anything Instantly
Actifio eliminates restore windows and enables data access or restoration measured in seconds, not minutes or hours, without needing to wait for data movement. Use the Actifio Application Manager to select the application, choose the restore point, and pick an access option. Set your details and Actifio will then mount, clone, or restore your data in seconds.
  Actifio System Features
Consumer-Grade user experience delivers an intuitive, point-and-clickoperation for managing data that translates into faster time to productivity.
  SLA Architect: Actifio's engine for creating SLAs that define the frequency of snapshots, class of storage to utilize, replication frequency and type, and retention, then mapping to applications and/or hosts.
  High-Performance Software Platformkeeps pace with large-scale host counts and data sets, from Cloud infrastructures to Big Data implementations.Quick and efficient virtual copies of data are produced with no additional initial storage footprint.
  Incremental forever with zero backup window approach captures and moves copy data efficiently, optimizing bandwidth and storage capacity.
  Accelerated Ingest with Change Block Tracking: Capture of only the unique changed blocks of application data, resulting in near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
  Copy Data Virtualization: Globally de-duplicated object file system manages the application-aware copy data lifecycle across snapshot points in time, storage pools, and even sites. Storage optimization results in up to 95% reduction in the storage footprint in both local and remote sites.
  Dedup Async Replication: Actifio-designed network protocol for efficient data movement, optimizing bandwidth usage by only transferring unique data to the remote data stores. In addition to the native global de-duplication of data, this protocol drives down network usage by up to 70%. Based on SLA, copy data is continuously rehydrated on the remote site in order to achieve instant access or restores.
  Network-optimized replication of data allows users to move data over the IP network with up to 70% less bandwidth using patent pending Dedup-Async technology.
  In-band data capture delivering Fibre Channel speed data capture and management.
  Out of band data capture frees in-band production data network with straight forward setup and configuration.
Enhance Business Agility 
  Actifio's Virtual Data Pipeline powers many use cases, from backup/restore to dev/test data management to analytics and master data management.  These use cases are enabled by the combination of instant access with native format storage and full data lifecycle management. Enterprises can reuse the single, golden copy provided by Actifio to work from instantly refreshable, application consistent data, greatly accelerating time to value across multiple uses of the same application data set.
  Khun : Meelarp Sokuma Tel: 02-089-4564