MSC has been selected as a member of 2022 THSI List

           Metro Systems Corporation Public Company (MSC) has been selected on the 2022 sustainable stocks list of THSI (Thailand Sustainability Investment) for the 3rd year continuously since the year 2020. MSC is in the technology list, which reflects the commitment on business sustainable growth. MSC focuses on Risk management, Social and Environment Change Management, Increase Competitiveness and Prioritizing all Stakeholders’ Engagement.

          MSC has been in the technology industry for over 36 years and announced in 170 listed companies of Thailand Sustainability Investment List. Focus on sustainable business operations with responsibility to stakeholders, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) to build strength and sustainable growth both in terms of policies and environmental management goals. Disclosed performance in resource management of electricity, energy, water, waste management including reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that related to employees, communities and society through business processes to lead the organization forward continuously and sustainably.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Keeranard Dechdacho Call: 02-089-4351 email: [email protected]