What it Does

Easily Integrates Real-Time Data
Talend simplifies the integraton of big data so you can respond to business demands without having to write or maintain complicated Big Data code. Enable existng developers to start working with Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Spark Streaming and NoSQL databases today, in one platorm. Use simple, graphical tools and wizards to generate natve code that leverages the full 
power of big data and accelerates your path to informed decisions

How it Works

Blazing Fast Speed and Scale with Spark and Hadoop

Only Talend takes advantage of the massively parallel environment of Hadoop by generatng natve Spark code. Load, transform, enrich, and cleanse data inside Hadoop while taking full advantage of Hadoop’s power and scale. Deliver
real-tme and predictve analytcs using Spark and Spark Streaming with in-memory data processing and run up to 100 tmes faster than MapReduce. Reliably capture all your data, including millions of events from the Internet of Things and delivery more insights to your business in real-tme.

Gain Real-Time Insight from the Internet of Things (IoT)

As billions of sensors and internet-enabled devices come online, so does the need to integrate and interpret data.
Companies must move from monitoring data to predictve analytcs and system optmizaton. Talend provides the
first end-to-end integraton platorm that combines IoT connectvity (AMQP, MQTT); high-speed, reliable messaging
(Apache Kafa, Amazon Kinesis, Talend ESB) and high-speed big data processing (Apache Spark) into a unified integraton platorm.  Reliably capture and deliver millions of events per second then instantly ingest, process and deliver insight to real-tme applicatons and fast NoSQL data stores

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