Windows Server 2016 is the latest server OS which make a big hit and lots of users love to use.
Windows Server 2016 is the latest server OS to replace Windows Server 2012 R2 which features are improved to support server deployment in various ways today.

What’s new in Windows Server 2016?

  • Security built-in at the start: reduce risks with an advanced security system both on-premises and cloud
  • Ready for the cloud when you are: easy to migrate to Cloud with Hyper-V as same as Azure
  • Low storage costs: a brand new storage management system to visualize disk space as software so you can easily deploy or manage without damage the existing data store.
  • Enable application innovation: consider the benefits of containers utilization for application to enable software management more easily and agilely.
  • New cloud licensing benefits: create the new virtual machines in Azure to save up to 40% by utilizing Azure Hybrid.

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