Golden Age of Dinsow Robots penetrate into the New Normal Economic

          Mr. Aekachai Limprasert, Vice President of Digital Solutions Group, Metro Systems Corporation (Public) Co., Ltd. joins with CT-Asia Company Limited bring Dinsow Robots to support human work in public and private organizations. The First work is measuring the temperature for employees and those who come to contact within Metro Systems Corporation (Public) Co., Ltd. in order to minimize the spread of the virus. In addition, the DinSow Robots has much more other abilities and benefits to limit human interaction such as:

  • Dinsow Robots measure temperatures with printed approved stickers to reduce exposure risks.
  • Dinsow Robots can be a receptionist and serve inquiries in the mall.
  • Dinsow Robots can be a nurse assistant who monitors patients and takes care of patients 24 hours a day.
  • Dinsow Robots is used to deliver food or medical supplies to patients including the infected patients in hospitals.
  • Dinsow Robots can be a doctor’s assistant in accurate examining many cancers types by using AI technology and detecting cancer by Analyzing Breath.
  • Dinsow Robots provides video calling service to contact doctors and seek advice. Including videos call chatting with their family.
  • Dinsow Robots can work as a service employee, taking orders, payments and handing out queue cards to customers.

Recent technological develop and promotes the ability of robot to multi-task, able to making good decisions and reduce human work load.  Robots will become a part of everyday life, with great the ability and in turn boosted the market for these bots.

Overall, robots can help humans from the COVID-19 crisis in various ways to ensure safety and reduce the spread of the virus. It can also be used as a replacement for human labor, which will greatly reduce the cost and reduce the cost of production and management.

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Metro Systems Corporation (Public) Co., Ltd. was founded on 6 January 1986. The Company started its business by being the first distributor of IBM products in Southeast Asian. After that, the Company expanded by distributing IT solutions and providing services from other leading IT companies so that the services provided would be comprehensive and meet the needs of customers.

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