MSC has opens new service “Metro Intelligent Cyber Security Center” (MiCSC), with International Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) Technology. The Purposes are to meet the security requirements of information technology of the public and private sectors and to increase security in Personal Data Protection Act.

          Mr. Suradet Lertthammajak, President of Solutions Integration Group Metro Systems Corporation Public Co., Ltd. said MSC has realizes the importance of information in business operations. Therefore, we emphasize the security and security from cyber threats which is the technology trend and many organizations focusing in 2021. Metro Intelligent Cyber Security Center (MiCSC) is opening now to provide security solutions by professional and knowledgeable in security, surveillance, inspecting and responding to threats promptly 24 hours/day.

Hackers occurs numerous of ways that can attack data such as virus threats, ransomware, malware, and hacking. The information leaks or theft Redemption of Information causing the organization to lose large sums of money. SIEM Technology work with various security devices. When any threat occurs, our MiCSC Professional Team will be notifying about the immediate issues to identify the attack, respond and report to customer as quickly as possible. The real-time working of this capability can eliminate the threat as quickly as possible with Ticket Management. The MiCSC Professional Team able to accelerate this process to reveal malicious threats and to make them stop from damaging the network or systems. MiCSC helps the organizations run the business efficiently and reduce the burden of expenses in the organization.

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