Data Protection – Backup and Recovery

Enterprise data is anything but uniform. Which is why your data protection, backup and recovery solution needs to cover the full range of data sources, file types, storage media and backup modes — from snapshots to streaming. With all that diversity, the last thing you want is to maintain a separate point solution for each distinct backup and recovery requirement. With Commvault, you don’t have to. Our integrated, automated data protection approach gives you a single, complete view of all your stored data no matter where it is — on-site or in the cloud. Back up your databases, files, applications, endpoints and VMs with maximum efficiency according to data type and recovery profile. Integrate hardware snapshots. Optimize storage with deduplication.

Recover your data rapidly and easily, whenever you need to, and leverage reports to continually improve your backup and recovery processes. Commvault software eliminates the separate data silos associated with traditional backup, archive and reporting products — in a vendor neutral solution that frees you from lock-in while reducing infrastructure requirements.

How Commvault Helps You Be A Data Expert (2:15)

Cloud and Infrastructure Management

As data volumes grow and more applications move to the cloud, you need an efficient way to manage your storage hardware and virtual infrastructure. With our focus on simplicity and automation, our approach to cloud and infrastructure management helps you cut costs, save time and reduce risk. Commvault solutions allow customers to move to the cloud with confidence and get the freedom your business needs to grow/stay competitive.

By delivering true workload portability, Commvault offers businesses the freedom to get workloads to the cloud, ensure migration and disaster recovery in the cloud, and provide productive operations in and out the cloud. Commvault provides the most dynamic industry options for moving data to and from traditional storage and cloud targets with over 20+ supported cloud providers and lifecycle automation.

Why the Cloud is Better with Commvault (1:09)

Data Retention and Compliance

The real value of data is in what you can do with it. Our single virtual content repository makes it easier to index, archive and search for the information you need to get business done — turning your retained data into a strategic business asset. User-defined retention policies let you automatically organize, classify and store only the information that truly matters to your business — based on relevant and usable criteria, such as file name, type, content, tags and keywords — reducing the cost, complexity and risk of storing massive volumes of data.

By making it faster and easier to search, select and retrieve information from your virtual repository, end-users and legal/compliance officers can instantly and intuitively find what they need, when they need it.

Why Search, Discovery, and Information Governance are Better with Commvault (1:21)

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