All-Flash and Hybrid Arrays

Accelerate performance, consolidate space and meet SLAs more affordably with high-performance, resilient SSD-optimized all-flash and hybrid storage arrays. The world is changing, fast. Experience what flash acceleration, 99.9999% uptime, built-in data protection, and radical simplicity can do for your organization. HPE delivers flash performance and efficiency to organizations of all sizes via the industry’s strongest portfolio of all-flash, adaptive flash, and hybrid flash arrays.

Nimble Storage Overview (5:58)

Data Protection & Retention

HPE’s visionary approach can help your customers establish a path to a fully converged data protection & archive infrastructure. Deliver industry-leading scale and performance—plus new security enhancements and integration with major software providers. Whether safeguarding small offices, branch offices or large data centers, HPE can help protect and preserve the most important asset of any company—the data. Unlike the fragmented complexity of legacy data protection and archive, HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver share a single architecture to help simplify infrastructure in the face of massive data growth.

HPE StoreOnce Systems (9:05)

Entry Level Storage Systems

Entry Level Enterprise Capabilities, HPE is bringing the power of flash and other enterprise storage capabilities down to the price and simplicity levels that can benefit nearly any organization in the market for shared storage. In this video, HPE technology experts talk about two entry-level products, the MSA 2042 and StoreVIrtual 3200 – both give enterprise-class performance and allow you to start small and scale into the future.

MSA Storage (2:09)

HPE Software Define Storage

Software-defined storage is simple, flexible storage without the cost or complexity of dedicated hardware. For more than six years, HPE has been shipping Software-Defined Storage and is a proven leader in the market. Now with our Hyper-Converged offering, customers can deploy a complete virtual infrastructure in minutes with no expertise needed built on HPE ProLiant, OneView and StoreVirtual VSA technologies.

HPE Storage Software Defined Solutions (3:33)

Storage Networking

Eliminate the limitations on your storage investment by modernizing your storage network. Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides dynamic end-to-end solutions, solving your storage networking challenges with nearly 15 million storage area network (SAN) fabric ports deployed worldwide. Agile HPE StoreFabric host adapters, multi-protocol switches and highly scalable directors for cloud-optimized SANs ensure reliability and high performance.

HPE StoreFabric M-series (3:59)

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