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AWS – Solution Architect


  • Acquire a bachelor related to Computer science, Computer engineering or any Bachelor with experience of 12 years minimum.
  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills and highly motivated and can work under pressure.

Job Description

  • Have Professional interaction skill, Service mind, Positive thinking.
  • Be able to cooperate with platform developer team in order to design cloud operating feature effectively.
  • Be able to understand all cloud operating safety functions in large corporation.
  • Be able to strongly feature HighlyAvailable, FaultTolerant, and Scalable.
  • Be able to consolidate and transform data application from data center to AWS could.
  • Be able to code languages (e.g. AWS CloudFormation, Jaya, Python, DevOps, other tools).
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset to cooperate with CExecutive levels.
  • Strong knowledge in AWS CloudFormation field and customize solutions to customers.

Work Location: Metro Systems Corporation (Chalermprakiat Head Office).

Other Position

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