Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (MSC) presented “I – See – You” Solution, the AI for recognizing facial Emotion Real-Time emotional feedback will be the holy trinity (AI, Camera, Human) to delivering a robust customer experience in Real time based on Face Recognition at Royal Paragon Hall on 28 August 2019.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) embedded on any device with Lens to detect the emotional of people’s feeling can be applying to many Business categories. Modest way is to start work with existing Up-sell & Cross-Sell Strategy and Churn Prediction integrated into common use cases from various business such as Property, Hotel, Hospital, Retail, Mobile Media Digital Agency and more. Our solution is simple to use and adaptive to fit with need as customization solution from IBM Platform and many more.

  1. Key Technologies: Platform for AI and Big data, Deep Learning & Machine Learning, API Services and Face Dashboard
  2. IBM software: IBM Cloud Pak for Data, IBM Watson, IBM Watson APIs, IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM APIC and IBM Cloud (or, any cloud provider)

For more information please contact: Ms. Supapan Thuankamjorn Call: 02-089-4938, 089-4466-717, Email: [email protected], website: Facebook :