Metro Systems determined to create business driven community through 3 generations with its “Metro Gen” program, unveiling “Metro Working Space”

August 24th, 2022: Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited, or MSC, the leading provider of IT solutions and services, has reported that the company’s growth in the first half of the year exceeded expectations. MSC is powered by three main business groups: Digital Solutions Group, Solutions Integration Group, and Digital Printing Group with a data center. Metro Systems is preparing to enter its fourth century with the new initiative “Metro Gen,” which aims to build a community for all generations to share ideas and attract new blood to generate sustainable business solutions.

Mr. Suradet Lertthammajak, Executive Director of Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited, reported that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the company grew in all business groups, including the Digital Solutions Group, Solutions Integration Group, and Digital Printing Group, over the previous six months. When compared to the same period in previous years, the company’s total growth has exceeded expectations. The company now focuses on IT services, such as Cloud Service, an on-demand digital storage service that optimizes infrastructure expenditure, and the development of IP (Intellectual Property) corporate applications under the name “The Superapp.” These apps are built on CRM and ERP platforms. Furthermore, Metro Systems has formed alliances with a plethora of partners, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Amazon, Huawei, and other well-known international brands. The collaboration would satisfy our loyal customers in a complete manner.

Metro Systems believes that “people” are important instruments for driving an organization toward its goal. As a result, the organization encourages employees’ ideas and drives them toward success. This year, a group of employees proposed the creation of a community that would serve as a hub for people of all generations. In response, Metro Systems launched the “MSC Community” program under the moniker of “Metro Gen,” investing more than 10 million baht in “Metro Working Space.” The center can be utilized as a platform to generate innovative ideas, strengthen the working environment that encourages thinking, and advocate for the creation of new innovations and commercial solutions. All of these accomplishments are expected to help Metro Systems’ business operations run more smoothly in the future.

The program’s goal is to serve as a hub in propelling the firm as a leading IT enterprise. As a result, it gave rise to “Metro Gen,” which is made up of Gen U. (EX). It is composed of three components: Gen U (University), Gen E (Employee), and Gen X. (Executive). “Gen U” refers to university students who will join the program to strengthen the corporation. “Gen E” employees are those who are in charge of fostering business unity and bonds. Metro Systems’ goal is to provide a pleasant working environment for its employees so that they may grow alongside the enterprise. At the same time, executives from “Gen X” foster deep relationships with employees at all levels by exchanging unique experiences and developing current business cultures.

Every square inch of “Metro Working Space” is optimized for “Networking” and “Opportunity” for all users. It is divided into 6 zones: Meeting Zone, Meeting Room, Phone Room, Mini Hall, Workspace Zone, and Breakout Zone. Facilities in “Metro Working Space” focus on modernization that caters to all endeavors, as the design of each zone gives different moods and feelings. It also offers a space for idea exchange activities and is outfitted with cutting-edge technology such as glass boards and the Huawei Idea Hub Whiteboard, an interactive whiteboard. Employees can use these facilities to sketch out their ideas and actualize their creativity. Additionally, our recreational complex also has a basketball court, a swimming pool, a sauna area, and a fitness center. These facilities are well equipped with fitness equipment and also provide yoga and aerobic lessons.

The logo for “Metro Gen” is blue-yellow-green in color. The blue portion represents the organization’s originality, while the yellow and green portions represent “new waves” and sustainability, respectively. The feature of the logo signifies modernisation as well as the advocacy of thinking outside the box. The logo also includes “Metro Coin,” an application created to support the community. Users can earn coins by participating in activities or receiving them as tokens of appreciation from coworkers. Coins can be redeemed for rewards or used as a currency to participate in lucky draw events for prizes such as a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, gold, and much more.

The Metro Gen project is expected to inspire society to produce ideas within the firm while also strengthening ties between executives, employees, and coworkers. This will attract new blood, which will assist in moving the organization forward in a sustainable manner.

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