Metro Systems announces Three Key Solutions: RPA, API and Big data to support Customers to Digital Transformation. Strengthen back office and the front office in taking good care of customers responding the New Normal era.

Mr. Chaiwat Likhitchanyakul, Vice President of Solution Integration Group, Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited said “The main solution at Metro Systems focus on organizations marketing to meet the new normal digital transformation. Organizations must transform themselves to digital technology in both the business and back-office system.  The back office needs to completed the task quickly and accurately while the front-office such as customer care must present products and promotions to understand the need of customers with insight information to increase sales which is the heart for competition in the digital age”

The three main solutions are 1) IBM® Robotic Process Automation (IBM RPA), software tools that automate routine tasks, 2) IBM API Connect® API platform to connect various applications, and 3) An IBM Netezza® Performance Server, a cloud server designed specifically for big data.

  1. IBM® Robotic Process Automation (IBM RPA) is a software tool that automates routine tasks. Able to perform repetitive tasks instead of manual labor to reduce time and errors, for example: ordering, reporting, and reports expense summaries which uses bots as a mechanism for document works in accordance with the organization’s regulations. Enabling employees to perform other tasks that need important decision or more complex tasks that requires creativity.
  2. IBM API Connect®, the API platform that connecting various applications within and outside of the organization, such as connecting the warehouse system to online store systems, payment systems, delivery systems and other systems, etc. to complete the transaction in real time.
  3. IBM Netezza® Performance Server. A cloud server designed specifically for Big Data. Able to support data science and machine learning to gain insights to analyze and learn systems.

Metro Systems as an IT specialist and is an important IT service partner of IBM more than 30 years of experience in IT system by providing a full range of services since:

  • Consulting service: To see the need for customers. Analyses problems and challenges that each customer is facing and understand customer’s business goals
  • System design: After that, we give advice on choosing the solution to suit each customer’s needs.
  • System installation: Provides installation services for all IT systems including hardware structure, software, applications and network.
  • Training: After installation successfully. We have training services for users.

Metro Systems has installed solutions for leading organizations in Thailand to share experience in using the system in the “Reinvent your business in The New Normal Executive Seminar” at Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited.

: AIA choose to uses IBM RPA :  

AIA, a leading life insurance company is another organization that continuously invests in IT Both back-of-house work such as image workflow and front-of-house work such as the iService AIA system in customer care. Including a system for agents and POC systems that developed the system many years ago with Metro Systems. Recently, AIA joined with Metro Systems installed IBM RPA system in almost all departments.

Ms. Amaraporn Runsewa, Head of IT Application Services, AIA Company Limited, revealed that it had introduced the IBM RPA system three years ago. Until now, it is considered a great success. From the only one license was used is sale department for reporting to other departments such as finance, regulatory departments, and implementing RPA automation processes in the customer relations department which has many processes from the beginning to the end of the process. Covering from checking data from multiple systems, save it to another system, send SMS to find customers and the process of issuing services till complete. Then, it will update to the system again and renotify the customer. RPA can complete all processes. In addition, IT departments uses IBM RPA to extract customer voice data to preserve as evidence of online insurance trading during the past COVID epidemic.

Ms. Amaraporn said“After 3 years of usage, it is considered worth the investment. RPA solved the problems by reduce the time, reduce the pain point of the user, to lighten the burden. I do not think IBM RPA substitutes people but support our people to work on challenging job instead of repetitive and easy job.”

: Navakij Insurance accepts peak demand with RPA:

Navakij Insurance care insurance, another insurance company that emphasizes IT department as a partner and designed IT systems for business unites. Mr. Thanakiat Sirithanachai , AVP Project Management Information System of Navakij Insurance Public Company Limited, revealed that the IT department has requested cooperation with all departments by organizing small group workshop. In order to present their own department’s pain point before working with Metro Systems to establish the RPA system in a timely manner before COVID epidemic. The Navakij Insurance has a concept of choosing RPA to support robot work in the back office, such as a guarantee (underwriting).

Mr. Thanakiat said “We finished installing the system before COVID-19 epidemic. After that, the partner sends in a big lot of 300,000-400,000 jobs, normally it takes 3-4 weeks to review the information and issue the policy and use almost 10 workers from this problem. After we have signed the RPA system, we only take 1 week by 1 IT person and 1 user including having a case after COVID-19 epidemic, the partner sends another 50,000 jobs. We use only 2 people to finished the jobs, this is considered successfulness and an opportunity to test the RPA in itself.”

Navakij Insurance started out with the RPA system used in 5 processes after the implementation of was very successful. Causing other departments need the system as well. Mr. Thanakieti commented that “RPA is fast, it is easy to change, fast coding”, thus during the implementation of RPA we will know which part of the process is slow and what action should be taken.

The investment in RPA is worth. Because the price is just a few hundred thousand baht. If compensation is measured compared to hiring people, it is considered valuable. The RPA system can work accurately.

: The Mall prepares to launch its own commerce platform :

The Mall Group in the digital age that must accelerate the full digital transformation in order to response the modern lifestyle of consumers shopping behavior both offline, online or across multiple platforms. The competition in the e-commerce market is so hot. The most importantly issue is how to create a memorable customer shopping experience whether it is reward points or offering promotions that match individually customer mostly.

Mr. Jirayoot Karnjanamayoon, Chief Information Officer, THE MALL GROUP Company Limited said “The COVID-19 epidemic is the motivating factor for The Mall Group entering a new model in shopping faster. New Retail Concept is a Virtual Store Concept or a virtual store to support for new types of shopping such as Scan and Go, which will enter the new retail concept, the systems must be integrated. The Integrating for all systems, The Mall chose to use IBM API Connect.”

Metro Systems as a trusted partner to deploy APIs and Big Data for marketing in the digital age. Mr. Jirayut said, “After the Mall has installed IBM API Connect, The Mall customers’ can immediately redeem their points after shopping. From before, it took 1 day for points to enter the loyalty card.

In addition to integrating the system, The Mall uses big data by choosing IBM Netezza® Performance Server’s Big Data technology and adopting AI to personalize marketing for individually customer. The system will collect customer data since entering the car park in The Mall, shopping history, shopping lifestyle in the mall, such as the customer spent the longest time in which department, etc., which these insights. The insight information will be the initial data, enabling The Mall to offers promotions that match its customers’ needs and ultimately increasing sales.

For a more complete digital transformation, The Mall is working on a network through Lazada and Shopee, while the supermarket items are sold through Happy Fresh. The big step this year is The Mall is preparing to launch its own platform. Ready to present what you want to customers who apply for M Card.

During the lock-down period, The Mall adjusts many strategies such as in the supermarket section that hasn’t been affected much by modifying the sales model of drive thru, pick & collect, chat & shop, and click & collect which use IT systems to facilitate both sellers and buyers. Nevertheless, in terms of trading through chat & shop, it takes a lot of staff to answer customers’ questions, The Mall has prepared all situations to keep the business going.

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