Mr. Kitti Techataveekijkul Vice Chairman, Mr. Suradet Lertthammajak, President of Solution Integration Group, and Ms. Nittaya Thanaviriyakul, Chief Financial Officer along with the Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (MSC) team joined the “Opportunity Day” 2nd quarter of 2019. MSC presented the over 33 years of business overview in the technology industry, striving for excellence in innovation of information technology by providing a full range of professional services along with promoting social responsibility for sustainable growth on September 11, 2019.

          MSC has sales and services revenue of 3,828 million baht, an increase of 5.4% and a net profit of 103 million baht, a decrease of 41 million baht or 28.3%. The subsidiary companies still have total assets of 3,098 million baht, total liabilities of 1,303 million baht and shareholders’ equity of 1,795 million baht. MSC revenue structure comprises of 29% hardware product groups, software solutions and Digital Printing Services 48% and 23% respectively.

Business Direction in the second half of the year, MSC will cooperate with the alliance to establish a customer data center under the name “Security Operation Center” or (SOC) to monitor the Cyber ​​Attack and the “Network Operation Center” or (NOC) to support customer’s IT systems.  With the network expansion and collaboration strategy, MSC able to support customer’s growth into the digital economy confidently. Moreover, MSC emphasizes business operations with social responsibility that covers social, environment, and governance dimensions. Participation of all stakeholders, both internal and external as well as focusing on the corporate culture framework for sustainable growth.

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