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16 AUGUST 2018

“MSC” joined CSR Club Forum : “Why Supply Chain Sustainability Means New Opportunities

Mr.Kitti Techataveekijkul, Vice Chairman (left) and Mrs.Nittaya Thanaviriyakul, President of Accounting, Finance and Administration Group/ President of Corporate Secretary Bereau (right) of Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited joined CSR Club Forum: “Why Supply Chain Sustainability Means New Opportunities” which organized by the Thai Listed Companies Association on August 16, 2018 at the Auditorium 3rd Floor, B8 Building, Stock Exchange of Thailand. The purpose of the event is giving the knowledge to the participants about businesses in the 4.0 that the management between “sustainability” and ” association” in the supply chain are key business strategies for sustainable growth in the long term. At the forum, there were lectures on key areas and focus areas of the supply chain, such as how to integrate ESG into the supply chain, how to enhance the organization in multiple dimensions, the supply chain can support a culture of effective collaboration, the increase of the effective in risk management in the supply chain including to learning vary case studies from organizations such as Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC., Minor International PLC., Mitr Phol Sugar Co., Ltd., Unilever Thailand Group and Thailand Private Sector Collective Action Coalition (CAC) etc.

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