MSC Opportunity Day Year End 2023

Mr. Suradet Lertthammajak, Executive Director of, Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (MSC) presented MSC Business Results 2023 and Business Plan 2024 through online channels on Wednesday, 19th March 2023, at MSC Head office.

MSC has been operating in the technology industry for over 38 years under the vision of “Pursuit of excellence to serve our clients the best IT Solutions” to commitment to driving innovative solution and fully integrated IT services, strive on personnel development through culture of creativity in order and conduct on corporate management in good corporate governance and on encouragement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental protection.

Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited has announced 2023 operating results, with revenue from sales of products and services totaling 9,479 million baht, an increase of 1.2%, and a net profit of 285 million baht, an increase of 40 million baht from the previous year, or 16.4. % which the main income of “MSC” comes from the product group: Software 39%, accounting for 3,739 million baht, Hardware 25%, accounting for 2,412 million baht, Service 20%, accounting for 1,843 million baht, and Supplies 16%, accounting for 1,485 million baht, respectively.

MSC business structure is divided into 4 main groups:

  1. Infrastructure Solution business proportion 63%, including: Hardware & Software Systems, Backup & DR, Networks Systems and Multi-Cloud Service.
  2. Digital Transformation Business proportion 7% includes: App Modernization, Robotic Workflow, Data Analytic & Big Data and Superapp services.
  3. Cyber Security proportion 5% includes: End Point & Networks Security, Server & Mobility Security, Data Security (PDPA) และ SOC Center.
  4. Digital Printing Solution proportion 25% includes: Supplies & Printer, Contractual Solution, Printing Services and Hardware.

In 2023, the company has growth in Security Solution 56%, Multi-Cloud Service 19% and Infrastructure Solution & Service 10%. MSC also has strengths from running the business in information technology over 38 years with large customer’s base. Its income is 80% from existing customers, 7% from former customers and returning customers, and 13% from new customers.

The main solution that the company focuses on in 2024 is Data Analytic & AI under the MSC Data Analytic & AI Service Project. The company has been working for large corporate in the energy sector and will to be the model to providing services to other customers in the future.

In addition, the company is places importance on the participation of all stakeholders both internally and externally sustainably.  Including focus on social responsibility in various aspects which covers the dimensions of Environmental, Social and Governance through various activities. Emphasizing on organizational culture to lead the organization moving forward continuously. MSC has started Save energy and Electricity Campaign by installing EV Chargers and installing Solar Cells. Drives and concretes each projects such as Sport Day Project, Metro Run, Run for Learn, running for charity. Encourage staff engagement in the organization. Employees have come to play a role and participate in social development by increasing opportunities for equal access to education. MSC has been carrying out these various projects consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs for sustainability growth.

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