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08 May 2019

“Value Creation through Digital Transformation“ BI to AI

Metro Systems Corporation PlcBy Solution Integration Group and Qliktech Singapore Pte Ltd arranged Value Creation through Digital Transformation” seminar to provide knowledge and vision about the next generation of BI technology, rely heavily on machine intelligence – and how that intelligence is used matters, support humancentered analysis and giving users at any skill level the ability to gather, visualize, and analyze data.

The Seminar was focused on What is Qlik Plan for 2019 and Whats new from Qlik by MrPiya Paitoonrajitpipit Solution Architect at Qliktech Singapore Pte Ltd “Explore without boundaries by BI to AI by MrJeremy Sim, Director Industry Solutions, Global Manufacturing & High Tech at Qliktech Singapore Pte Ltd, Designing a Successful Governed Citizen Data Science Strategy by MrClifton Phua, Senior Directora at DataRobot which has received interest and participate from leading business sectors in this event on 8 May,2019 at Sora Room3rd Fl., The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

For Information, please contact Khun Chawanporn Bunyarattapun, Call: 02-089-4675, Email: chawabun@metrosystems.co.th and see more our solution detail, Website: https://www.metrosystems.co.th/dataandanalyticsplatform/qlik2/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metroqlik


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