MSC Campus Networking

MSC Campus Networking

MSC Campus Networking Program is organized by recruitment division to make good relationship with educational institutions that produce highly qualified graduates.

According to this activity, students will be informed about Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited background, business overview, products and services, core mission, values and work culture to inspire how to choose their careers in the near future.

Students who attend this activity will gain interesting information about IT business and take good chance to meet the management from any departments, including recruitment division so they can ask for what they are doubtful through this activity.

Summer Internship Program

Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries offer an Internship program in various fields of study to let students bring their knowledge into the real work practice and be capable to develop or enhance their skills to work and solve facing problems during the practice in the company. Their successful works will be put to use in business subsequently.

The objectives

  • To give a chance for targeted students to work with the company over the period of 2 to 4 months as the case may be. Students will be assigned and work practically to solve problems and make decisions in real occurrences.
  • To use it as a tool to recruit students through their performance evaluation after the program finished in case of the company’s job vacancy and job application by these students who intend to work with our company.

The benefits

  • Students will be developed their skill, knowledge and competency during IT professional practice.
  • The potential student will be considered and recruited as an employee of the company.
  • Monthly allowance will be given
  • The student will receive an internship certificate after the completion of this program.

Our commitments to be an excellent company

Learning and Development

We provide numbers of functional/professional trainings as well as other soft-skills trainings to each individual employee based on business needs and other skills required according to each Individual Development Plan.

Employee Well-Being

We offer wellness incentive and well-being program to all employees. We also provide a fitness center and swimming pool on the campus.

Become a leader in your field of expertise

Leadership is one of our core competencies and it is an essential factor for any career success. We committed to finding and developing our higher quality leaders so that could grow them to their maximum limits.

Work with Us

Immerse yourself in IT professional work. Find and apply to opportunities in Metro Systems that interest you.