Cloudera Enterprise

Making Hadoop Fast, Easy, and Secure

Apache Hadoop is a new type of data platform: one place to store unlimited data and access that data with multiple frameworks, all within the same platform. However, all too often, enterprises struggle to turn this new technology into real business value.

Cloudera Enterprise changes that. Powered by the world’s most popular Hadoop distribution, only Cloudera Enterprise makes Hadoop fast, easy, and secure so you can focus on results, not the technology.

Fast for Business
Only Cloudera Enterprise enables more insights for more users, all within a single platform. With the most powerful open source tools and the only active data optimization designed for Hadoop, you can move from big data to results faster. Key features include:

  • In-Memory Data Processing: The most experience with Apache Spark
  • Fast Analytic SQL: The lowest latency and best concurrency for BI with Apache Impala
  • Native Search: Complete user accessibility built-into the platform with Apache Solr
  • Updateable Analytic Storage: The only Hadoop storage for fast analytics on fast changing data with Apache Kudu
  • Active Data Optimization: Cloudera Navigator Optimizer (limited beta) helps tune data and workloads for peak performance with Hadoop

Easy to Manage

Hadoop is a complex, evolving ecosystem of open source projects. Only Cloudera Enterprise makes it simple so you can run at scale, across a variety of environments, all while meeting SLAs. Key features include:

  • Powerful Cluster Operations: Cloudera Manager is the Hadoop administration tool trusted by the professionals
  • Hybrid Cloud Operations: Only Cloudera Director provides dynamic cluster management across all the major cloud environments
  • Expert Support: Dedicated help and predictive care, just a click away
  • Open Source Leadership: Constant open source development and curation, with the most rigorous testing, for trusted innovation

Secure without Compromise

The potential of big data is huge, but not at the expense of security. Cloudera Enterprise is the only Hadoop platform to achieve compliance with its comprehensive security and governance. Key features include:

  • Enterprise Encryption and Key Management: Protect everything with Navigator Encrypt and Navigator Key Trustee
  • Uniform Access Policy Enforcement: Uniformly manage and enforce role-based        access controls across the entire platform with Apache Sentry and RecordService
  • Automated Data Management: The only full-stack audit, lineage, discovery, and lifecycle management for Hadoop with Cloudera Navigator
  • Secure Operations: The only separation of duties to protect production environments and built-in log and query redaction to protect sensitive information

One Platform. Many Uses. Designed for Your Needs.

Cloudera Enterprise is available on a subscription basis in five editions, each designed for your specific needs.

Cloudera Chart

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