As an SAP partner for nearly 20 years, we have helped companies across the globe turn their data into business assets. We provide innovative solutions for data management, system landscape optimization, system housekeeping and archiving.

Fitness Test™ analyzes your SAP® system, identifies its strengths and weaknesses and offers actionable recommendations. This helps you to maximize the return on current investments before investing in new technologies.

Gartner recently recognized Datavard FitnessTest as an innovative software program for diagnosing and resolving complex SAP technical problems. Customers who relied on Datavard expertise reduced their data load times and cut total storage size by terabytes, generating payback in under three months.

Fitness Test assesses complex SAP landscapes including SAP ERP, BW, IS-U, CRM and SRM systems and delivers the results in an easy-to- read report.

Datavard Fitness Test covers:

  • Performance and compliance assessment
  • Data quality and data growth analysis
  • System size reduction potential
  • HANA Readiness and possible TCO reduction
  • Action-based recommendations in each analyzed area
  • Benchmarks all KPIs against 300+ systems

Datavard Insights enables the user to analyze, report and predict the future of predefined KPI’s and micro application. It also provides system monitoring and intelligent alerting for a variety of systems.

Users can to create their own KPI’s on top of our predefined set and integrate them in the standard visualization. Any KPI can be collected from a 1 min measurement all the way to a reporting on daily average. This enables the user to report, predict, simulate and run root cause analyses within the same integrated solution.

Datavard Insights is closely integrated with our solutions for lean data management and automated testing. This solution replaces CanaryCode (monitoring and alerting) and HeatMap (reporting and trending), which will no longer be developed.

The Datavard Insights solution provides deep insights into SAP and non-SAP systems like Hadoop clusters, Business Objects Server or Oracle databases.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Monitoring, alerting, reporting and trending on SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Near real time & collect information for deep diving and confirm root cause
  • User friendly reporting view (web-based Fiori based) as well as expert view (SAP GUI based)
  • Predictive analytics with R integration – – Overall capacity management including R algorithm integration
  • Seamless integration with Datavard OutBoardTMand Datavard ERNATM
  • Capability to store detailed statistic information in Hadoop
  • SAP Cloud Platform enabled
  • KPI collection and distribution from one central system possible
  • Portfolio Management

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