KPN Land has a strong format of Infrastructure that used in their organization for example Application System, Mail, File server which KPN Land did not have enough admin to handle it all by themselves and when they face critical mission they can fix it but it takes time that’s why MSC came to help them.

Why we choose Metro Systems

Metro Systems design and deliver solution to bring an Infrastructure systems of KPN Land to Cloud AWS. First Metro Systems send their Solution Architect to assessment our environment to create the best solution for KPN Land, currently KPN Land did not want to take care all of infrastructure by themselves and to get rid of the Capex cost of the hardware, Which Metro Systems provide all of it including manage services.

How does Metro Systems help KPN Land

Architecture and System Design
Development Operations
Manage Services

AWS Cloud services (KPN Land)


For Web mail Server Application Server, Active Directory Service and Microsoft SQL.


AWS Route 53

For Domain Name System(DNS)


For IP Address & Security Inbound-Outbound