Metro Connect and IBM Thailand arranged LinuxONE Technical Deep Drive Bootcamp Seminar

          Metro Connect Co. Ltd and IBM Thailand arranged LinuxONE Technical Deep Drive Boothcamp Seminar. The purpose is to train and provide technical information to partner companies and to understand more about IBM LinuxONE at Metro Campus on May 8, 2023. 

          Mr. Varuch Rattanatumma (second from the right), Assistant Vice President of Metro Connect Co., Ltd. gave an honorable opening speech. There are experts from IBM (Thailand) Company Limited to lecture on the following topics:

          Mr. Manoj Srinivasan Pattabhiraman (first from right), Senior Hybrid Cloud and IBM LinuxONE Specialist delivered a lecture on:

  • “LinuxONE Rockhopper 4 Product Overview and Highlights” presented an overview and strengths of LinuxONE Rockhopper4 for the trainees to understand the LinuxONE technology.
  • “Top LinuxONE Use Cases / Scenarios to Propose LinuxONE / Competitive & Objection Handling”: Highlighted how IBM LinuxONE is the right platform and can be used with any work system What are the advantages over competitors? Introducing how to compete and deal with problems that may arise in case of encountering competition from other service providers with similar products.
  • “LinuxONE Overview Demonstration”: Demonstrated the real use of LinuxONE so that the trainees can see an overview of the usage and understand about the features and capabilities of the system in various ways including more features and ways to work.
  • “How to Do Sizing, Configuration, and Considerations”: Presented the processes and procedures used in sizing and configuration to suit the work and usage needs. There are also additional factors to consider such as the amount of data that needs to be stored, active network system, security protection, etc. Sizing, Configuration, and Considerations are important steps in decision-making and planning for the technology systems in the organization to be appropriate and work with maximum efficiency.
  • “Hands-on: eConfig on LinuxONE / High-level Solution Design”: The participants hands-on with LinuxONE and understood how to design a suitable solution. Able to operate the system in various fields for maximum efficiency.

          Mr. Alex Liao (second from left), Senior IT Economics Consultant IBM Competitive Project Office, IT Economics & Competitive Research gave a lecture on:

  • “IT Economics & TCO Study for LinuxONE Proposal”: presented to the trainees to understand the economics of information technology and total cost of ownership analysis by offering LinuxONE to customers or organizations. This study demonstrated the investment benefits of LinuxONE and how to plan the best business options for clients.

          Metro Connect Co., Ltd. (MCC) is the only official distributor of IBM LinuxONE products in Thailand from IBM. MCC has been entrusted by IBM to be a part of expanding the market. Support and passing on expertise to partner companies. developing and extending solutions that meet the needs and the rapid change of today’s market.

For more information or ask for more product information, contact the marketing department. Tel.02-0894880 Email: [email protected]