Metro Systems has shown the power against corruption on the year 2022

The management team and employees of Metro Systems Corporation Company Limited (MSC) showed their strength on the National Anti-Corruption Day 2022 under the concept of “Leaders…and to fight fraud” via online channels by join with the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) or ACT on September 6, 2022.

Metro Systems Plc raise awareness of Business Operations according to the principles of good corporate governance (Environment, Social, Governance or ESG). Conduct business with responsibility, transparency and good governance for all stakeholders.

As a Thai private sector, Metro Systems Plc shows the position of fighting against corruption in all its forms through the National Anti-Corruption Day 2022 activities, both internally and externally continuously.  Stimulate all sectors of society to be alert and does not accept any form of unprincipled.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Keeranard Dechdacho Call: 02-089-4351 email: [email protected]