Metro Systems Promotes 4D Modernization of Organizations with “IBM Software”

Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (MSC) has developed and grown progressively in the IT business, until becoming a leader in the information technology. MSC together with IBM Software as significant business partner are delivering world-class products including software, hardware and solutions. Under the business philosophy that “Customer Success is Our Business”

Mr. Chaiwat Likhitchanyakul, Vice President of Solution Integrations Group of Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited proposed that today, the success factors of modern organizations are driven by data (Data Driven). Metro Systems and IBM Software together support business growth and step into a modern organization by leveraging data to drive the organization in all dimensions through a 4D business plan, which includes:

  • Data Analytics: Metro and IBM Software offer solutions that helps customers in analyzing data effectively and timely in the modern business that requires speediness decision making.
  • Data Governance: Working under the good corporate governance framework which responsibility and accountability, transparency, security and confidentiality.
  • Data Security: The security protection and management of customer data, Metro Systems and IBM Software work together to boost customer confidence.
  • Data Privacy: Attention handling of personal information stringently under the guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Act.

“The partnership between Metro Systems and IBM Software is not only aimed to driving business modernization, we also emphasize on development of the new generation including contributing to society continuously and systematically by opening as a learning center in information technology allowing various educational institutions to engage, develop their expertise and able to cope with significant technological changes. We believe that people are the key factor supporting the organization’s success and sustainable growth.” Mr. Chaiwat said.

Ms. Pawasut Seewirot, Software Sales Leader, IBM Technology,Thailand, IBM Thailand Co., Ltd. said Metro Systems is IBM’s Top Software Resellers. In 2021, Metro Systems and IBM Software enter into a business venture. We have been a valuable partner in Thailand for over 25 years and have been building trust for customers in various industries continuously lasting for a long time.

Customer success in adopting software technology to help transform business in various fields is the core of running business between Metro Systems and IBM Software and is a measure of the success of driving technology together.

Metro Systems and IBM Software deliver technology and solutions in Big Data. Recently, we have applied the IBM Cloud Pak for Data System technology, a data and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to create an end-to-end Customer Data Platform that supports cloud computing. Create a personalized shopping experience connecting the mall – online without limits. In the insurance industry, Business Automation system has been used to streamline process to make Claim easier and faster. Implementation of Data Fabric System in Finance and Banking Industry to manage a variety of data of formats easily use in Business Analytics and able to access to the entire organization, all data, including data governance, etc.

In the year of 2022, Metro Systems and IBM Software will to introduce the AI technologies that are now embracing our everyday lives and business transition to meet business needs flexibly, quickly and direct to the point. The AI adoption is not limited to Data Business Analytics. IBM Software has also applied AI IT Operation, AI in Automate Supply Chain or AI in Business process workflow. Moreover, AI able to manage various Security Tools so that we can distinguish the problem before it occurs and manage the security of the whole organization as a single image (Security Operation Center).

Customer success is the most important. Therefore, IBM Software and Metro Systems have been built technical team which is considered as the core of the important driving force. IBM has an entire CSM (Clients Success Management) team working with the Metro Systems technical team to make the customer’s project accomplishment and meet the requirements rapidly. There is another team, Client Engineering (CE), who work on MVP/POC for new technologies from initial client contact to ensuring a path to successful adoption.

This new era of collaboration between Metro Systems Corporation and IBM Software to bring cutting-edge technology to organizations. Transform organization into the digital era perfectly and efficiently. Increase the competitiveness of the business sector for future rapid changes.

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